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Merlin Burrows News – Bonhomme Richard 1779 – Breaking News – FOUND!

Merlin Burrows have found, located, pin-pointed and registered the famous American Warship known as the Bonhomme Richard that was lost in a vicious sea battle during the American War of Independence off the Yorkshire coast in 1779.

In 1779 John Paul Jones, a master seaman and naval strategist sailed against England in the Bonhomme Richard and fought a classic sea battle off Flamborough Head in Filey Bay.

The BHR was originally built in 1766 as a 150 foot 900 ton French East Indiaman, the Le Duc Duras and refitted as a warship by Jones in 1779 during a period of rapidly changing shipbuilding techniques.

The Richard was virtually destroyed by British gunfire in a death grip with the British Frigate Serapis and with the loss of about half his crew, Jones captured the British Frigate before the severely structurally and fire damaged Bonhomme Richard sank in the North Sea in an unknown location (until now, thanks to Merlin Burrows).

These people were the astronauts of the 18th Century; they traversed long distances in great oceans at great risk with the technology available to them at the time to deliver the fight to the enemy. When challenged on the high seas – they answered with lead and iron and the remains of their time capsules lie silently at the bottom of the world’s seas as memorials to their greatness. We who seek them are humbled to be in the presence of those whose example and philosophies have built great nations and whose teachings are as relevant to today as they were many years ago – their spirit must never die.

At that time, Jones gave the fledgling American States much needed international prestige and as this engagement is seen as marking the birth of the United States Navy, Bonhomme Richard is one of the most sought after relics of the American Revolution – a shipwreck of great historic and archaeological value to the American people.